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Was Goloka the cowshed of Kailasa?

Brahmavaivarta Purana is Krishna centric text. So there is no chance by at least 1000% that such a thing about Goloka (which Krishna followers consider as the Supreme realm) will be found in it. ...
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Are there other interpretations of RV I.154 that confirm or refute Jiva Goswami's interpretation that the Supreme Abode of Vishnu is actually Goloka?

It is a selective interpretation of the Rig Vedic verses, which is not correct, in my opinion. There is no description of Goloka there. To understand Rig Vedic ideas, we need to understand the way ...
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At what speed does the time run in Vaikunth and Goloka?

There are two zones in COSMOS / vishav (which has multiple universe/ Jagat; which in turn has many superclusters/brahmaand; within which are many galaxies/ dweep; which in turn has many stars each ...
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