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For those who support guna-based or behavior-based caste theory, how do you determine someone's guna?

The Gunas don't necessarily refer to characteristics, but rather one's internal tendencies. As one's life progresses your Gunas can change Arjuna from a king became a saint after all. The Bhagavad ...
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Why is curd an exception to Tamasic food even though it is fermented?

GREAT QUESTION Fermentation is not applicable to edible curd. It is applicable to barley, it is applicable to mollases by which we derive alchohol. ACID + BASE = SALT is just chemistry CURD is Divine (...
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How Varna System being based on Guna works?

The gunas as per the Bhagavad Gita are the various qualities within a person suited for the job. Of guna, there are three types. Sattvas, are the guna of knowledge. They illuminate the self, giving ...
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