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The same page gives a justification from the Apastamba Dharma Sutram Let him not visit inferior men (such as Niṣādas), nor countries which are inhabited by them. Also, Manu Smriti parvam 4: Let him not dwell in a village where the sacred law is not obeyed, nor (stay) long where diseases are endemic; let him not go alone on a journey, nor reside long on a ...


It's possible that when Baudhāyana Dharma Sūtras were being written, the Kaliṅga region was not ruled or conquered by a Kṣatriya king and cāturvarṇya (system of four castes) was not established there. Commenting on Manu 2.23 this is what Medhātithi says: Similarly, if a certain well-behaved king of the Kṣatriya-caste should happen to defeat the mlecchas ...


Well , probably it followed commercial routes towards Southeast Asia among the Khmers, the Chams, and the Javanese.In the beginning , from the 3rd century foward There was a connubium of both Saivism , probably Kapalikas (who really knows?) and buddhists monks . But for sure, the first tracks , also recently found (see here

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