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Are there any scriptures that portray Lord Rama to be the source of all incarnations including Lord Vishnu?

vAlmiki rAmAyaNa - yuddha khanda - sarga 117 mentions rAma as source of all incarnations: *भवान्नारायणो देवः श्रीमांश्चक्रायुधः प्रभुः || ६-११७-१३ एकशृङ्गो वराहस्त्वं भूतभव्यसपत्नजित् | "You are ...
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What scriptures mention chanting Runa Vimochana Narasimha Stotram relieves debts?

The seer of "Runa Vimochana Narasimha Stotram" is Sri Vadiraja Tirtha swami. He is a Dvaitha Vedanti and you can read more about him from here. Although many sources suggest the Stotra as a ...
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What scripture or text is the source of this verse on living on others money such as a woman's wealth?

This verse is a subhāṣita and not from any texts. Part of the Mahāsubhāṣitasaṃgraha Sanskrit quote nr. 6464 (Mahā-subhāṣita-saṃgraha) उत्तमं स्वार्जितं वित्तं मध्यमं पितुरर्जितम् । अधमं भ्रातृवित्तं ...
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