Use this tag for any questions involving the senses or Indriyas. Indriya (literally "belonging to or agreeable to Indra") is the Sanskrit and Pali term for physical strength or ability in general, and for the senses more specifically.

  • Karma Indriyas - five agents of actions: Vak (organ of speech), Pani (hands), Pada (feet), Upashtam (organ of generation) and Payu or Guda (organ of excretion)
  • Jnana Indriyas - five agents of perception: hearing, touch, sight, taste, and smell

The word-explanation of the term indriya is: "indassa kammam indriyam."

This means the act of ruling, or of controlling, by rulers. "The act of ruling by rulers" means that wherever the ruler rules, nobody can go against him.