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How could King Janaka study Bhagavad-Gita?

Linguistic glitch: by acting "according to" Gita does not mean by reading Gita. Knowledge written in Gita is there forever. (Shri Krishna in Gita says, earlier I had given this knowledge to Manu etc.) ...
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What is the lineage of Yajnavalkya, the guru of Janaka?

Ṛṣi Yājñavalkya is very venerable & renowned Ṛṣi, not only in itihāsa-purāṇas, but also in śruti. And in smṛtis, he is a śiromani, being the author of Yājñavalkya dharmaśāstra. As for the gotra &...
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Who was the preceptor of Seeradhwaj King Janak?

Brahma Vidya is the knowledge of God and spirituality (hence a form of Gyan Yoga) that helps the practitioner in attaining Moksha. Janak was a Raj-rishi and had the good sense and fortune to have a ...
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Did Yajnavalkya have discussion with Sita's father or with some other Janaka?

Abbreviation: Janaka - J ; Vālmīki Rāmāyaṇa- VR I would discuss about J from the perspective of Vedic literature and Vālmīki Rāmāyaṇa, not from the perspective of Mahābhārata and Purāṇas. To begin ...
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How king Janaka attained perfection through karma-yoga?

The detail story of Janaka attaining perfection in karma yoga and then liberation is present in the earlier chapters of Upasama Kanda of Yoga Vasista. Janaka, king of Videha, heard the songs of ...
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What debate took place between Shree Yajnavalkya Rushi and his Guru Shree Uddalaka during the King Janakas sacrifice?

The debate of Yajnavalkya with Gargi and his teacher Uddalaka is in Brihadaranyaka Upanishad. Here is with Gargi: iii-vi-1: Then Gargi, the daughter of Vacaknu, asked him, ‘Yajnavalkya’, she ...
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Where can I find a good translation of the Sulabha Janaka Samvada of the Mahabharata?

I found an excellent translation by Ram Narayan Dutt Shastri, but it is in Hindi: I had to work on a project where the conversation had to be ...
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What are the details of the story of Indra giving the Crest-jewel(chudamani) to king Janka?

In Ayodhya Kanda, while narrating her Swayamvara (selection of bridegroom), Sita says to Anasuya, wife of Atri as follows: महा यज्ने तदा तस्य वरुणेन महात्मना | दत्तम् धनुर् वरम् प्रीत्या तूणी च ...
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King of Mithila after Janaka

Vishnu Purana gives the descendants lists. Actually there were two Janaka in the dynasty of Mithila. One was the first King, made by the Sages, then was the one whom we popularly call as Janaka, the ...
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