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Can we do nama japa of more than other deities?

There are no restrictions on which Gods/Goddesses can be worshipped. E.g. you can chant Ram, Sita Ram or even Sita Ram Lakshman Bharat Shatrughna Hanuman. There are no restrictions on the number of ...
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Consequences of creating obstacles during sacred rituals

Creating obstacles or disturbing the rituals is to insult Divinities: For example, यो अन्तरिक्षे तिष्ठति विष्टभितो ऽयज्वनः प्रमृणन् देवपीयून् । तस्मै नमो दशभिः शक्वरीभिः ॥11.2.23 The one who (यो ) ...
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