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In her second boon, why does Kaikeyi say नव पञ्च च वर्षाणि (nine and five years) instead of चतुर्दश वर्षाणि (fourteen years)?

This is just to maintain the writing style. These synonymous words are used in Ramayana for the same: नव प़ञ्च च वर्षाणि (9+5) नव वर्षाणि पञ्च च (9+5) सप्त सप्त च वर्षाणि (7+7) वर्षाणीह चतुर्दश (14) ...
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Who was Dasharatha's second wife?

According to Valmiki Ramayan, Kaikeyi is the second wife of King Dasharatha. In Aranya Kand, when Lakshmana is criticizing Kaikeyi then Sri Rama told to Lakshmana not to use harsh words against our ...
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Who was Dasharatha's second wife?

Firstly, some basic terminology would be introduced. In the antaḥpuram of Rājā, are the strī-s associated with him, which includes his rājapatnīs. There are various types of rājapatnīs, such as ...
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