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Why don't we see Lord Shiva living on Kailash if he really exists?

Lord Mahadeva does really exist. He stays on Mount Kailash, which is currently present in Tibet. But for a normal human eye, Mount Kailash looks like just normal mountain. The people well versed in ...
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Why don't we see Lord Shiva living on Kailash if he really exists?

It needs extreme ascetic power to behold Mahadeva sitting in Kailash by directly going there. Even the diverse class of Munis, Gods, and Siddhas can't do that then what to say of present day Humans. ...
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Why did lord Shiva choose Mount Kailash (earth) as his abode?

See the following passage from the Devi Bhagavata Purana (Book 3; Chapter 13): The two sons Priyavrata and Uttânapâda were born of Manu in the womb of S’atarûpâ and the three daughters, very ...
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Was Goloka the cowshed of Kailasa?

Brahmavaivarta Purana is Krishna centric text. So there is no chance by at least 1000% that such a thing about Goloka (which Krishna followers consider as the Supreme realm) will be found in it. ...
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Where Lord Shiva used to reside during the time when the Himalaya did not exist?

The Kailasa mountain in the material world is only a reflection of the eternal Kailasa where Lord Shiva resides with Parvati, and Their associates. The Bhaktas of Lord Shiva who constantly meditate on ...
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What do scriptures say about Lake Manasarovar?

Chapter 78 of the Varaha Purana offers many relevant details about Manasa lake: Rudra said: 1-8] I shall now tell you about the four great mountains and about the lakes in them, which are beautiful, ...
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