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Physical changes in other lifeforms in each Yuga

manuṣyāṇāṁ paśunāṁ ca pakṣiṇāṁ sthāvaraiḥ saha / teṣāmāyurupkrāntaṁ yugadharmeṣu sarvaśaḥ // ~ Matsya Purāṇa (145.4) As per yugadharma, there's decline in the āyus of manuṣyas, paśus, pakṣis and ...
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If god is one then why there are different ending to the world according to different religion?

Mainly you have asked two question : 1)Why different religion say different things about God 2 ) is there any evidence of God's message.?If God is proved this will be automatically answered Coming to ...
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