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I am answering the question with the sole intention of providing information. From Nila-Saraswati tantra: Sadhakas sit on dead body of an 6 month old, it's one of the most important 'Peeth'. As such Nila-Saraswati tantra describes names of (on the basis of age). षण्मासे निःसृतं प्राप्य चितायाञ्च तदन्तिके। दशमासादर्वाग्‌ षण्मासात्‌ पर:गर्भच्युतो बालको मृदु: ॥...


If your question is simply “*Did**Swami Vivekanand do it”? This website mentions this So in short,apparently,Yes. If you ask me “why did Swamiji do it”?I don’t know. But animal sacrifice to mother Kali is mentioned in Bhagavatam(so I have heard).So I don’t think it is scripturally invalid.


It depends on what you actually mean to do when you say "offer to Kali". Before performing a formal worship, following the methods laid down in scriptures, accompanied with the use of Mantras, Yantras, Mudras etc., one is definitely required to get initiated into the procedure. Ramakrishna Paramhamsa was an Upanita (one who is invested with sacred ...


In the famous Shakta Stotra, the Karpuradi Stotra, which was created by Lord Bhairava himself, it is mentioned that the Goddess loves sacrifice of animals including buffalo. Sir John Woodroffe has a commentary on it and reference to this commentary is found in another book by the same author called "Shakti and Shakta". I am quoting from it. Let us ...

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