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What is the story of Pushkaravarta clouds that cause Pralaya?

Definition - Pushkaravarta — (from Pushkara, i.e. water, and vrita, to have place in, i.e., a watery cloud) a name for the flood clouds of the world-destroying deluge. Vayu Purana Chapter 51 Verse -...
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Kalidasa on good and bad people

I try to avoid this site but this page came up when I was searching for Kālidāsa on StackExchange, so let me post an answer anyway. Firstly, this is obviously not from Kālidāsa's Meghadūta. The ...
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Kalidasa addressing Devi as "my daughter"

Of course, he can address the Goddess this way. Kalidas's attitude is known as Vatsalya. "But in order to realize God, one must assume one of these attitudes: santa, dasya, sakhya, vatsalya, or ...
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