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The most popular Madhwa temple is the Udupi Sri Krishna temple in Karnataka. It gets 545,000 visitors per year, as described in this journal paper. Udupi is the birthplace of Madhvacharya, and he's the one who installed the Krishna statue, as described in this article: The amazing story of how the Bala Krishna Deity crossed the ocean from faraway Dvaraka ...


I will post conversations from Chaitanya Charitamrita(CC). CC describes it from verse Madhya 9.245, when Sri Chaitanya arrives in Udupi to visit the famous temple of Krishna. He then has a discussion with Madhavacharya Tradition Acharyas as follows. Caitanya Mahāprabhu said, “I do not know very well the aim of life and how to achieve it. Please tell Me of ...


Thanks for bringing this. Not sure this answer suffice your question. Evidence in Skanda purana with name VadiRaja There are some good sources that quotes lot of praManas about Sri Vadiraja.

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