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Because Neither Narayana (Vishnu) nor Brahma are independent of Parameshvara Shiva, this is stated in Upanishads. “sarvakaraNAni manasi saMpratiShThApya dhyAna.n viShNuH prANaM manasi saha karaNaiH saMpratiShThApya dhyAtA rudraH prANaM manasi sahakaraNairnAdAnte paramAtmani saMpratiShThApya dhyAyIteshAnaM pradhyAyitavya.n sarvamidaM |” (Atharvashika ...


Yes, a woman can also attain moksha. Renunciation is mentioned in the Taittiriya and other Upanishads: 'Some have attained immortality, not by acts, nor by offspring, nor by wealth, but by renunciation alone' (Kaivalya Upanishad., 3). Females also are entitled to this kind of renunciation. The Caturdharike of the Mokshadharma, by using the word bhikshuki (...


Maharishi Vyasa said that a chaste daughter of an illustrious Rishi had performed tapasya (austerities) to appease God Shiva. When God Shiva had appeared before her, she had asked for a husband. He said she would have 5 husbands in her next life since she had repeated her request 5 times. Draupadi was thus born in King Drupada’s home to fulfil God Shiva’s ...


The 5 primary manifestations of Prakriti (Adi-Shakti) are Goddesses Radha, Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati and Savitri. All women in this universe have emerged from a part of Prakriti [Ref: Devi Bhagavatam 9.1.1, 9.1.96-143]. When there is a birth of a girl child in the house, don't we say Goddess Lakshmi has taken birth in our family? Coming to Draupadi's birth. ...


Initially, Suka decided not to marry. However, Vyasa, his father, told him to meet king Janaka. After having a discourse with him he changed his mind. He realized that marriage won't be a hindrance in the path of self-realization. Later he got married and had four sons and one daughter. - Srimad Devi Bhagavatam (also known as Devi Puran or Devi Bhagavat ...


Arjuna was ambidextrous. He could use both of his hand to shot arrows in accurate target. Thus he was known as सव्यसाची धनञ्जयः


I don’t understand why archery is not a part of our school curriculum. All these ridiculous answers will go away. It’s a science nothing to do with religion.


The boons don't seem to be literal. I think they are just narrative fill to prevent a cascade of nonsense/improper inferences after important details are cut out, because they are too complicated for humans to understand or (more likely) humans throwing temper tantrums over hearing the truth (you know we'll do it). Thus, they cannot cause a deadlock, as they ...


God Rama was dark-skinned [Ref: Valmiki Ramayana 2.88; Brahmanda Purana; Vayu Purana 2.26.191].

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