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Which the best way to start spiritual journey?

There are mutlple ways. Bhakti, gnana, yoga..etc. My favorite is visiting temples. Temples in South India were built for the purpose of human upliftment. The deities of the tempels were consecrated ...
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Can mantra purascharana be done through manasika japa alone?

Mantra chanting during any Purascharana is advised only through manasika japa. Sometimes if the mind does't concentrate on the mantra, then Upanshu japa is done but after few minutes japa again should ...
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What happens when mantra initiation is done by an ineligible guru?

According to a Vaishnava scripture known as Krishna Bhajanamritam, gurus can be of different spiritual potencies. The etiquette after receiving initiation from a guru who may be of lower potency is ...
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Can mantra siddhi once gained be lost due to some reasons?

Yes, this is possible as already mentioned by ram in his above comment i.e., example of Karna. Mantra Siddhi can also be lost by instructing it to a faithless person. In such a case, one should ...
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What is the meaning of this shlok?

Note: Stackexchange answers require citation, but I couldn't find any source with translation. I am not a Sanskrit scholar or even proficient in it. From whatever little I know I will translate, ...
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correct verse and its reference - govinda prekṣaṇā kṣepi vāspa pūrā vivarṣinam ucce anindadānanda maravinda vilocanā

This verse is from the Bhakti-rasāmṛta-sindhu (2.3.54). govinda-prekṣaṇākṣepi- bāṣpa-pūrābhivarṣiṇam uccair anindad ānandam aravinda-vilocanā “The lotus-eyed Rādhārāṇī powerfully condemned the ...
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How valid is this verse regarding chanting mantras for 108 times?

The ancient scriptures mention 108 energy lines or nadis converging to form the heart or anahata chakra. Chanting or doing meditation with mantras 108 times is believed to help align these energy ...
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