it's NOT true that only virginity of women is stressed upon in Hindu scriptures. Men's virginity also required during first marriage. Men's life span is divided into 4 stages (Ashrama): Brahmacharya (student life) Grihastha (household life) Vanaprastha (retired life) Sannyasa (renounced life) And in the first stage named Brahmacharya, virginity or ...


In addition to YDS's answer, I would like to add this verse from the Manusmriti where a man's virginity is stressed upon before marriage: वेदानधीत्य वेदौ वा वेदं वाऽपि यथाक्रमम् । अविप्लुतब्रह्मचर्यो गृहस्थाश्रममावसेत् ॥ २ ॥ vedānadhītya vedau vā vedaṃ vā'pi yathākramam | aviplutabrahmacaryo gṛhasthāśramamāvaset || 2 || Having learnt, in due ...


That's not true From Parashara Smriti (28) When her husband is missing, or is dead, or has renounced the world, or is impotent, or has been degraded by sin, — on any of the said five calamities befalling a woman, law has ordained another husband for her Src : https://archive.org/stream/ParasharaSmriti/SriParasharaSmrithiPdf_djvu.txt

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