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Fastest and easiest way in KALIYUGA to attain LIBERATION

For Moksha in any yuga.: When the unrighteous or sinful Kali Yuga comes, one should never pass a moment without devoting his heart upon Mahadeva. One that has drunk the Amrita constituted by the ...
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Universal mantra of all mantras for attaining the highest level of God realization?

Ram Naam is the only name in which the whole world is contained, 7 crore Mahamantras have been told in the scriptures, whose soul is called Ram Naam. That is why renouncing all calamities, just chant ...
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Why "Rama" Nama is called Taraka mantra?

There will be no one who does not chant the name of Ram, whether it is Lord Shiva, Lord Shri Krishna or anyone else.The name of Rama is called Taraka Brahma because it is the name that takes you ...
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