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Kungiliya Kalaya Nayanar

Nayanars are group of 63 saints devoted to Lord Shiva. They composed many songs to Lord Shiva in Tamil Language. Their life stories and works are described in detail in Periya Puranam (great Purana), ...
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Are there any traditional biographies for Vaishnava Alwars like Periya Puranam is for Shaiva Nayanars?

Yes, the Upapurana called Bhargava Purana is an ancient biographical text for them. Their stories are foretelled by Narayana. You can check it, here.
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Why Manikkavasagar isn't usually included in the Nayanars list?

Nayanmar means servant of lord shiva. Now manickavasagar is kept as equal to the lord shiva so he could not be as servant(nayanmat) that's it.
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Why are there no more Nayanars?

The Nayanmars (also referred to as Nayanars) written in Tamil as நாயன்மார்கள், means "hounds of Siva",were a group of 63 saints (also saint poets) in the 6th to 9th century who were devoted to the ...
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Who are the beings above Para Shiva recognized by Tirumular?

There is a saint known as Ramalinga adigal (Vallalar) who identified the ultimate to be a big light. He created the mahamantra: "Arutperunjoti Arutperunjyoti Thaniperunkarunai Arutperunjyoti". ...
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