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English Translation of Yaska's Nirukta

You can find it here . In starting sanskrit text is present , however the link I sent directly starts from english translation
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Why Krishna Yajur Veda is contrdicting RV 10:53:4?

But in Rigveda 10:53:4, all varnas and nishadas are said to perform sacrifice. It doesn't actually say that: O ye Five Tribes, be pleased with mine oblation. Some devata is the speaker of that ...
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What is the meaning of the word "Rudra"?

Does Yajurveda tells about Shiva having the qualities of a king? Not sure what you exactly mean by having qualities of King. If by quality of King you mean being a ruler, Sri Rudram clearly ...
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What is the meaning of the word "Rudra"?

This is a very challenging question because Rudra is Divine Contradiction, so before giving 7 meanings let me give an example, The RV hymns say He is “fierce/mighty”, then in contradiction, they call ...
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What are the Scriptural definitions of Narakam?

Naraka or Svarga are lokas, AND also relative to the person experiencing them i.e. you can experience misery in heaven or bliss in hell, or either one on earth itself, depending on your karma and ...
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