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The question is how did this movement (Vegetarianism) spread to Hinduism? Ramayana says (Kishkinda Kanda) पंच पंच नखा भक्ष्या ब्रह्म क्षत्रेण राघव | शल्यकः श्वाविधो गोधा शशः कूर्मः च पंचमः || १-१७-३९ "Raghava, five kinds of five-nailed animals, viz., a kind of wild rodent, a kind of wild-boar, a kind of lizard, a hare and fifthly the ...


What is influence of Jainism and Buddhism in introducing Vegetarianism to Hinduism? Vegetarianism was already a part of Hinduism, and Jainism and Buddhism are religions founded based on Hinduism. The fact is, according to Hinduism, meat can be eaten only if the animal is sacrificed in a Vedic yajna: 5.31 - ‘The eating of meat for sacrifices’—this is ...

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