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Do scriptures besides Padma Purāṇa permit wives to discipline their husbands?

This is an oversight error on part of translator N.A. Deshpande ji. It should read husband can flog/span wife, not the other way around. The verse in question is गुरुश्च ताडयेच्छिष्यं ततः सिध्यंति ना...
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What is the purpose of tamasic purana if it leads to hell?

Mahādeva said: 22b-25. Hearing these frightful words of the gods, Viṣṇu, Puruṣottama, consoled those regents of the quarters, and said to me: The lord said: O Rudra, O you of mighty arms, O you best ...
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Is there any stotram related to shri ram naam by other gods

By the way, many deities have sung the glory of Shri Ram. The most prominent among them is Lord Shiva and Lord Shri Krishna.We are all familiar with Lord Shiva, today I will introduce you to Lord Shri ...
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Does Shri Rama return in the month of Chaitra or Vaishakha?

Since the war begins against Ravana on the first day of the shraadha period during Dakshinayana, God Rama worships His pitru (forefathers) [Ref: Mahabhagavata Upapurana 40.14-26 translated by PKN ...
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Which verse from Padma Purana states that life originated from the aquatics?

We have to get the correct understanding sir. let me explain. Actually, the soul passes from one body to another and follows this sequence of bodies. So, this is the sequence of bodies the soul takes ...
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Is Padma Purāṇa the source of this verse on Ṛṇānubandha (relationship due to one's past deeds)?

After searching through the Padma Purāṇa, it appears this verse isn't the part of the extant Padma Purāṇa. This verse currently maybe traced to the Mahāsubhāṣitasaṃgraha (महासुभाषितसंग्रह). It's ...
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Which scripture talks about the story of Kubera robbing a temple of Shiva?

It appears that this story is found in the Śiva Purāṇa itself, albeit not exactly as narrated by the author of the Encyclopedia. Technically, he didn't rob. Usage of rob is odd. He did steal ...
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