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Pandu's dead body cremation

"Question is, why did the ascetics carry body 17 days after death and not burn while in the forest?" They were not dead bodies but the the unburnt portions of the dead bodies because Madri ...
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Pandu's dead body cremation

Despite the contradictions in the Mahābhārata (even in BORI's Critical Edition), the most likely thing that happened was that Pāṇḍu was cremated in the forest immediately after his death. Mādrī then ...
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Are the Kauravas considered Sinners while the Pandavas not?

Biggest misconception is that Mahabharata was fought for establishing Dharma. Mahabharat was a war of Adharma vs Adharma. Even Lord Krishna accepted this thing. If I had not adopted such deceitful ...
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Kurus alliance with fallen communities

According to Bhishma, Kunti, Gandhari, and Madri had beauty that were fit to expand the kuru kingdom It hath been heard by me that there are three ...
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