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Which yuga did Panini live in?

Pāṇini lived in the Kaliyuga as per Hindu tradition. Chapter 179 of the Pratisarga Parva (second khaṇḍa) of the Bhaviṣya Purāṇa throws light in this regard: आसीत्पुरा कलियुगे पितृशर्मा द्विजोत्तमः। ...
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Is Sage Panini related to Panis?

Well Panini as stated below had few names and on basis of which it was concluded that his mother was Daksi and his dad was Pani or Panin and he was born in a place Shalatur in the north-western region,...
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What are the नव व्याकरण​ ( Nava Vyakaranas )?

Here's one, as per this book - Aindiram - said to be authored by Indra-deva himself. Edit: Finally got a verse from the Sanskrit-Wiki-Website's page on the grammar Treatises (vyākaraṇagranthāḥ). ...
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What is 'ḍukr̥ṅkaraṇ'?

Adi Sankaracharya here when referring to Grammar (dukrn-karane) implies all the secular sciences cannot save the soul when death approaches. Ḍukṛñ-karaṇe means a grammatical jugglery, that "This ...
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