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Maharaj Prithu ruled till end of 6th Manvantara i.e. Chakusha Manvantara He was succeeded by Vaivasvata Manu of Solar dynasty From Matsya's Purana Chap 8


Future events of mahayugas Savarni Manvantara In the period in which Sávarńi shall be the Manu, the classes of the gods will be Sutapas, Amitábhas, and Mukhyas; twenty-one of each. The seven Rishis will be Díptimat, Gálava, Ráma, Kripa, Drauńi; my son Vyása will be the sixth, and the seventh will be ...


Durga saptshati has multiple mentions of Navdurga. When Markandeya ji asks for Durga kavach mantra, Brahma ji describes nine form of Durga or Navdurga. Shailputri / Parvati : fear and sorrow goes away by her darshan. Daughter of Himalaya. Brahmacharini : who continuously seeks Brahma Chandraghanta : Moon resides in who's Ghanta Kushmanda : this warm ...


This image nicely describes the lineage of Brahma.

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