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You can find that in Brahmavaivarta Purana: Ganapati Khanada: Chapter 18: [Kashayapa] Finding his son falling pronounced a curse on Shiva that the way in which you have killed my son similarly the head of your son will also be shattered.


The answer is No. Vyasa says there are not inauspicious. In fact, a sensible man should worship her. Kashi Khanda of Skanda Purana chapter 4 contains characteristics of a chaste woman. These are said by Brihaspati. These are again narrated by Vyasa. After talking about duties and characteristics of a chaste woman, Vyasa continues to talk about duties of ...


The story of Kalanemi after getting killed by Vishnu is mentioned in Garga Samhita. Kalanemi regained life with the help of Shukracarya and then performed severe austerities. He got a boon from Brahma and then born as Kamsa in his next life. The story mentioned is: Shri Bahulashva said: Who was this very powerful demon Kamsa? O great sage, please ...


Skanda Purana says so. Skanda Purana, Vaishnava Khanda (Book II), Vasudeva Mahatmya (Section IX), Chapter 22: Of all inauspicious things, a widow is the most inauspicious one. Her sight or touch destroys the merit of men. (11) If at time of starting on a journey one sees a widow in front, one shouldn't go at that time. Otherwise death is certain....

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