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Puranas (Sanskrit: पुराण) are ancient Hindu texts eulogizing various deities, primarily the divine Trimurti God in Hinduism through divine stories. Questions pertaining to the 18 mahapuranas can use this tag.

Purana (Sanskrit: पुराण, Purāṇa) literally means "very old or ancient", so these are ancient Theistic Vedic texts compiled by the Sage Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasdeva.

The Puranas deal with myriad of different topics helping the jiva or soul to evolve in his journey towards the supreme destination. It answers the questions important to human-beings like Who am I? Purpose of Life? What is my Relationship with other human beings and God? How to lead a happy life? etc etc and also giving case histories from ancient past of persons who were successful or who failed miserably.

The case histories are not limited to just the earth planet nor are limited to current yuga time-scale.

Technically a text is called a Purāṇa if it has some of the following characteristics:

  1. The creation of this universe
  2. The subsequent creation of worlds and beings
  3. The maintenance of all living beings
  4. The sustenance of universe, worlds and the beings
  5. The rule of various Manus
  6. The dynasties of great kings
  7. The activities of such kings
  8. Annihilation of the Universe
  9. Motivation
  10. The Supreme shelter

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