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Usually ancient Sanskrit works do not have chapter names. There are only chapter numbers and the names of the chapters represent that. As can be seen here which shows the actual Sanskrit (some verses are pasted below). Hence it can only be an interpretation of the work. Since there is similarity with the creation described by the Purushasukta, I think the ...


What type of caste-system (varṇāśrama) does ISKCON advocate? Birth-based or guṇa-based? It seems ISKCON advocates guna based caste-system as mentioned in this commentary: Herein it is clearly stated by Nārada Muni that one should not be accepted as a brāhmaṇa, kṣatriya, vaiśya or śūdra according to birth, for although this is going on now, it is not ...


A partial answer .. Are scriptures like Manu-smriti Veda-viruddha? No. Because Manu Smriti itself is criticizing such Veda-Viruddha scriptures. 12.95. All those traditions (smriti) and those despicable systems of philosophy, which are not based on the Veda, produce no reward after death; for they are declared to be founded on Darkness. 12.96. ...

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