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What are the luxuries of Swarga Loka? And how Swarga Loka has been defined in the Vedas? It is a place of material happiness. Indra loka is part of Swarga loka. Vedavya's Yoga Bhashya (Vedavyasa's commentary on Patanjali's Yoga Sutras) describes the heavens. Here is the description for Swarga: The inhabitants of the Mahendra (Maha Indra's loka) are the six ...


there is no avtar Bhagwan means a person who is like god (Who do things which a normal human can't) like Rama or Krishna who doesn't care about there family they care about people they are not God or ishvar, there is no incarnation of god all living things have Bharaman inside us the person who embrace it is called bhagwan

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