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What does hinduism say about killing insects?

Hinduism says that it is impossible to avoid killing insects. Tuladhara said, ‘People regard the profession of agriculture to be sinless. That profession, however, is certainly frought with cruelty. ...
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Will we take birth as crows after death?

The ancestors roam around in the form of crows. Or another way to put it is ancestors come in the disguise of crows to accept the offerings. Quoting from Baudhayana Dharmasutras Praśna II, Adhyāya 8, ...
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Does soul have an identity after it departs the human body?

The following Summary is from Rśi Vaśiṣṭha Ramayanam and the letters of Sri Ramana Maharshi: Jīva (also pronounced as jeeva), is the innate or primordial force that inherits this body. It tethers ...

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