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Which verse/scripture is this shloka from? (tavam vastu nushmshi gamdyi yatr gavo bhuri sringa ayasa)

Yes indeed this shloka is from Rig Veda 1.154.6 ता वां॒ वास्तू॑न्युश्मसि॒ गम॑ध्यै॒ यत्र॒ गावो॒ भूरि॑शृङ्गा अ॒यास॑:। अत्राह॒ तदु॑रुगा॒यस्य॒ वृष्ण॑: पर॒मं प॒दमव॑ भाति॒ भूरि॑ ॥ meaning We pary (to ...
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Why does the Rig Veda call Vishnu a mountain-roaming bull?

* From the Puranic Point Of View.: Lord Vishnu as Bull. During the Tripura Dahan episode, Lord Vishnu assumed the form of a bull to stabilize the chariot made of Sun, Moon, Seshnaag, etc which ...
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Is Rig Vedic Indra only Sri Rama?

The R.V. 1.80.7 verse, about Mayin Mriga is Vrittra our inner Negative Thoughts (Vrittis) that originates from our Mind (Manas), which Indra slayed with his Vajra (Knowledge/Buddhi) as I have ...
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Was deed of Indra in demolishing the citadels of gold, silver, and iron, of Danavas, source for the story of destruction of 3 cities by Shiva?

Disclaimer.: It's gonna be a long answer. Both, Brihaddevata and Yajurveda story looks similar to me with Bhagawan Rudra destroying the TriPuras with some symbolisms. From the Vedic point of View.: ...
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Yajur Veda and Puranas say that Earth is spherical. But Rig Veda 10.62.3 says that earth is "spread out"

The Rig Veda states the Earth is vast and spread out. Rather than referring to geometry it likely represents the bigness and vastness of the Earth. A primitive village person may think is the size of ...
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