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This is from Rig Veda 1.164.46. ekaṁ sad viprā bahudhā vadanti ekam: one sat: Reality vipra: wise bahuda: various ways vadanti: speak There is one reality, the wise speak of it in various ways.


It is true that drinking liquor was heavily criticized by Manu. It was considered one of the major crimes. For example, "Killing a priest, drinking liquor, stealing, violating the guru’s marriage-bed, and associating with those (who commit these acts) are called the major crimes." - Manu Smriti 11.55 There are other verses as well that expresses ...


Yes Khilanis are the section of appendices associated with Bhaskāla shakha of Rigveda. Sri suktam, Ratri suktam, Medha suktam and Shiva sankalpa suktam are the 4 khila suktas of Bhaskāla shakha of Rigveda. These suktas are separated as khilanis because of the reason that they vary in the metres of chandas with respect to early Rigvedic sanskrit and even few ...

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