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Meaning of "ऋतस्य श्रृंगमुर्विया विपप्रथे।"

Your hymn is most likely from Rigved because of its shortness and you should be able to find it under the Suktas of Varuna. You see the later Vedas tend to have longer hymns. Esp. Yajur is in Gadya ...
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Is Mount Meru described in Rigveda?

The Rig Veda does not mention Meru explicitly, but it does so in a hidden manner. For example, in the Agni Soma hymn of chapter 93 verse 6 talks about getting the 'oblations or offerings for a yagya ...
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Meaning of Sat and Asat in the Vedic context?

Our Set theory does not even cover indeterminates(not-a-number, like 0/0, inf/inf etc). Compare NaN Vs 0. 0 is just a symbolic representation of the 'nothingness' as applicable to Numbers( Rational, ...
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does the RigVedic verse "Ekam sat vipra bahudha vadanti" refer to impersonal Brahman.?

All the answers here are far-fetched and non intuitive. The answer to your question is in RV itself, in the same Suktam. But first, lets look at the mantra itself: Indra Mitra Varuna Agni ...
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