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List of Shaiva sages mentioned in scriptures

As, a detailed answer is already given. Let me give an answer from advaitik point of view. Rig-Veda 1:164:46.: Truth (Bhagawan) is only One, wise and sages calls him by many, different and various ...
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Who is Agastya's brother in the Ramayana?

Based on text and internal astronomy evidence, I have been able to date VR to 12,000 BCE. It is the time when the star Abhijit, Vega was in the northern direction. Shloka: brahma rāśir viśuddhaḥ ca ...
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Why did Sri Krishna say he is Usanas among seers?

The greatness of Ushanas is due to Kavi. Hence Kavya Usanas, Usanas of Kavi, or from Kavi. Ushanas is the most famous of the Kavis. The original Kavis were a sub-line of Bhrgus. Bhrgus home is in ...
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