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What do the Vedas say about animal sacrifice?

No, vedas do not mention killing of animals during sacrifice. Brahmana texts & shrauta sutra texts on Ashwamedha Yagya only mention presence of knife during ritual, nowhere do they mention usage ...
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Which scriptures mention about Sutak dosha (various prohibitions on child birth)?

Regard Sutak as a health advisement recommending Quarantine and rest. For Death prevent infections and also give time for psychological impact of bereavement. Longer Quarantine period for those who ...
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What are the situations for changing Janeu?

Upon researching the Peeths of legitimate Guru Shishya tradition, I have come across 1008•guru who is current acharya under Shankaracharya of Jyotirpeeth and Badrinath, who has answered this question. ...
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