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What is the correct method for Manasik Japa?

You do manasa Japa by contemplating the words of the mantra without moving your lips. On Japa Learned men say that this is Svadhyaya if one performs the Japa of the Vedantic passages, Satarudriya (...
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Dharmashastra and certain types of alcoholic beverages

As per bhagavatapurANa 11.5.13, intake of alcohol is permitted only as part of vedic shrauta yajna (sautramani, etc.) and drinking outside yajnas is forbidden for dvijas : bhagavatapurANa 11.5.13 : ...
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Dharmashastra and certain types of alcoholic beverages

We were in a discussion with some Bharadwaj gotra Brahmans whose Dharmashastra is the Apasthamba Dharma and Grihya Sutras, according to them.The apasthamba sutras mention that drinking alcohol is not ...
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