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Which one of the following two Sankalpa Mantras is correct?

The first one is the correct one. mama + upātta samasta duritakṣayadvārā śrī parameśvara prītyartham mama + upātta = mamopātta upātta is to acquire. partha is name of arjuna and other meanings ...
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Is a vow valid without a witness?

No vow can be taken without any witness. There are universal forces, apart from our own soul itself, which are always the witnesses. See the following verses from Manu Smriti: 8.84. ’The Soul itself ...
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Which one of the following two Sankalpa Mantras is correct?

Partha means that matter which belongs to earth (prithvi). Once the Prana leaves the body we call it Parthiva shareera. Arjuna represents that Jeevatma and hence he is also called Partha and Krishna ...
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What would be the Sankalpa Mantras if Tarpana should be performed in Bangkok?

Since you live in Asia, it is still jambu dweepa. Jambu Dweepa is divided into 9 Varsha: Bharat Kshetra Mahavideha Kshetra Airavat Kshetra Ramyakwas Hariwas Hairanyvat Kshetra Haimavat Kshetra ...
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