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Where is this statement written - "त्वमेव माता च पिता त्वमेव...."

This is from Sarnagati Gadayam composed by Shri Ramanujacharya, this is addressed to Lord Narayana and his wife Laxmi:
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Does the inability of words to describe Brahman (Taittriya Upanishad) apply only to Sanskrit words?

As Pradip sir said, Brahman of Advaita cannot be described in words because it's the subject. We always try to objectify things and say we "know" it. But Sakshi(Witness/Atma) cannot be known ...
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Does the inability of words to describe Brahman (Taittriya Upanishad) apply only to Sanskrit words?

Brahman that can't be described by words is the Nirguna Brahman of Advaita Vedanta. Brahman Manu said, ‘Brahman is not an object of touch, or of hearing, or of taste, or of sight, or of smell, or of ...
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What script did Ganesha write the Mahabharata in?

There was a time when the Vedic type religion or Mitra-Varuna religion existed in Iran and even further west upto Mesopotamia. Almost all the scripts in the region are descended from the same source. ...
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Is this a valid Sanskrit mantra for Krishna?

कृष्णाय To Lord Krishna वासुदेवाय For son of Vasudeva हरये (हरे+ ए ) For Lord Hari परमात्मने The supreme Lord प्रणत bowed dow(surrender) क्लेश affliction (suffering due to mental/physical distress) ...
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Combining and Splitting Words in Sanskrit

This is a question about Sanskrit so better suited to the Linguistics Stack Exchange but the correct sandhi viccheda is as follows: ममैवांशो = मम + एव + अंशः There is no real ambiguity here, one just ...
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What is the source of this Sanskrit Shloka?

yathā śikhā mayūrāṇāṁ nāgānāṁ maṇayo yathā / tadvad vedāṅgaśāstrāṇāṁ gaṇitam mūrdhani sthitam // ~ Ārcajyotiṣam (35) ; Yājuṣajyotiṣam (4) This famous śloka, quoted by the OP, is from Lagadhācārya's ...
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How to search for Mahabharat Book, Chapter, Verse?

One way to locate a Sanskrit verse in the Mahabharata is to download this zip file from the GRETIL website, then search for the verse in the HTML file MBH1-18U.HTM contained inside. Since this file is ...
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Meaning of "ऋतस्य श्रृंगमुर्विया विपप्रथे।"

Your hymn is most likely from Rigved because of its shortness and you should be able to find it under the Suktas of Varuna. You see the later Vedas tend to have longer hymns. Esp. Yajur is in Gadya ...
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What is the meaning of the word Hastinapur?

"Hastinapur" is a Sanskrit word that originates from ancient Indian literature and mythology. It refers to a legendary city mentioned in the Indian epic, the Mahabharata. The name is derived ...
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Where can I find a searchable text of Valmiki Ramayana online?

The search can be done in the Bombay Indology website. Here, the text is divided based on Kandas, rather than sargas, which makes the search easier. However, this is the Critical Edition of the ...
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What in language, is the difference between Jaya and Vijaya?

Its a good question as per language. So, I will tell you difference as per hindi language. Jaya means victory with its own boundary for example, a king defeating rebels; has attained JAYA. Vijaya ...
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Transliterate this Sama Veda Mantra

It says, in IAST, endra pṛkṣu kāsu cin nṛmṇaṃ tanūṣu dhehi naḥ* satrājid ugra pauṃsyam *For some reason the visarga (ḥ) appears to have been rendered with a semi-colon instead of its proper form, ...
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