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Why are Asafoetida (Hing) and Brinjal(aka eggplant and aubergine) are offered as Prasadam while other non sattvik foods like onion/garlic not allowed

There are various opinions on which foods are allowed/disallowed. The most famous one is obviously the Bhagavad Gita. The Puranas and Dharma texts have more details. Ayurveda is another such text. For ...
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What is shuddha sattva according to advaita?

Panchadasi, Tattva viveka prakarana ,shloka 16 Satva śuddhya viśuddhi bhyāṁ māyā’vidye ca te mate, māyā bimbo vaśī kṛtya tāṁ syāstarvajña īśvaraḥ When it is of the nature of pure sattva (shuddha ...
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Does scripture enjoin Saatvic food on Kshatriyas?

Or do these foods have to be made Saatvic through mantras/rites before they can be eaten? According to Mahābhārata, Kṣatriyas can hunt all wild animals and consume their meat directly: Desirous of ...
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