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What is the name of third-gender avatar of Hari?

The name of Vishnu's eunuch incarnation is Svadhama. The Bhagavata Purana mentiones it, but not describing him as an eunuch. A part of Hari, by name Svadhāman, the mighty son of Satyasahas and Sūnṛtā ...
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An English Version of Shiplashastra on Art and making practical things

Manasara is the most important treatise on Shilpasastra. It was translated into English by Prasanna Kumar Acharya. Here are the links - Online English translation from wisdomlib pdf format English ...
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Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva in Brahma Vaivarta Purana?

Since the other two answers addressed the first part of your question (The verses from Brahma Vivarta Purana), let me take the opportunity to address the second part of the question (Can you explain ...
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How many Shiva Sahasranama is there in Mahabharata, Purana, Agama, Tantra?

Devi Bhagavatham Bhagiratha krutham - from devi bhagavata https://sanskritdocuments.org/doc_shiva/shivasahasranAmastotradevIbhAgavata.html Vayu Puranam Vayu Purana (1.30.179-284) is almost the same ...
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Bhairava Agamas: English translations of available manuscripts

I am unsure if this is an Agama, but it's a Bhairava and Tantric work. Here is the Manuscript: Namovadakāpa, feel free to search on the site and see if any other possible Agamic works fit with your ...
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The Metaphsyics of Varna

As far as I know there is not a single scripture that reconciles both. You have to look at it from various scriptures. Also the history has to be looked upon to get a better understanding. By history ...
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