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Which Shastras say that we should not eat after Sunset?

Meal timing slots between sunrise-sunset given in vedas and mahAbhArata: shatapatha brahmana 2:4:2 : 2:4:2:3 athainam manuṣyāḥ | prāvṛtā upasthaṃ kṛtvopāsīdaṃstānabravītsāyam prātarvo 'śanam prajā vo ...
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Is Sookshma Sharira really made of Prakriti's 5 subtle elements or Tanmatras?

Short Answer Yes. Subtle body is made of five tanmatras and Prakriti's 3 antaHkaraNas(the psychic apparatus). Long Answer In Shiva Sutras, Section III, Sutra 2nd, Bhagwan Shiva says, ज्ञानं बन्ध: Of ...
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