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Is Bhagavath Gita part of Jaya, Bharatha or Mahabharatha?

The Ithihasa narrated by Vaisampayana to Janamejaya was the 100,000 verse long Mahabharata , not 24,000. Vaishampayana says - This Bharata consists of a hundred thousand sacred slokas composed by ...
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Why is killing even evil brahmins categorized as 'brahma hatya'?

There is no brahmahatya when a war initiated by brAhmaNa as per mahAbhArata-Adiparva-CLXLII (arjuna in disguise of a brAhmaNa in this case): Then those bulls among Brahmanas shaking their deer-skins ...
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Why did some Hindu gurus like Vivekananda tell people to serve humanity and do charity when it is banned in Hinduism?

Charity to anyone apart from Veda-learned Brahmins is banned in Hinduism ABSOLUTELY NON-SENSE And I say this because शरणागतमुद्विग्नमाक्रान्तं रिपुतस्करैः | माभैरिति चाश्वास्य शिवलोके महीयते || दारि...
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How to affirm the validity of Hindu texts and scriptures

I am going to try to keep this as short as possible so that it is readable in a sufficient amount of time. Q) How to verify validity of Hindu texts and scriptures. Is Hinduism really scientific. Due ...
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