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Vaishnava concept of Vaikhunta/Visnuloka,Shaiva concept of Kailasa/Sivaloka and Shakta concept of Deviloka are some concepts of eternal heaven in Hinduism.


Sri Appayya Dikshita writes in his book, Sivatattvaviveka We are not very much worried about whether it is Vishnu or Siva who is the supreme deity spoken of by the Upanishads because we follow Advaita. But it is impossible for one like me to keep quiet when men with perverted minds proclaim in abusive language their hatred toward Siva by calling these ...


Yes. Sri vaiShNava use branding of the conch and discus of viShnu as shown in this recording of a real initiation and this movie scene of one. This article from a sri vaiShNava thirumaligai (religious center) says: The AchAryA embosses the impressions of Conch (Shankam) and Discus (Sudarshana chakram) on the left and right arms of the disciple, ...

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