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How many Devi Sahasranamas are there in scriptures?

Few more Sahasranamas dedicated to Devi (Adi Parashakti) are also there. Durga Sahasranama from Skanda Purana Durga (a.k.a Parvati) Sahasranama from ...
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How many Devi Sahasranamas are there in scriptures?

The famous Lalita Sahasranaama of the Brahmanda purana is all too well known. Quite Interestingly, The Brihannaradiya Purana (Purva Bhaaga, Chapter 89) too contains another different and a lesser ...
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Were Vishnu avatarams liberated by Shakti/Siva?

I have only came across by the Sarabha Incident. So the authority(Pramana) is like this in our dharma. Shruti(Vedas)>Itihas(Ramayan Mahabharat)>Smriti(Purans) So all other incidents except the ...
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The twelve Kalis?

According to this article, Abhinavagupta discusses the system of Twelve Kālīs quoting Sārdhaśatika. Even though other authorities state different numbers, the number 12 is commonly accepted (also see ...
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Name of the lion vahana of Maa Kamakhya or Maa Durga

The name of Maa Durga's lion is Simhamukha. The 5th chapter of Upadesha Khanda of Sankara Samhita from Skanda Purana mentioned Simhamukha's story :- Note: The source has long story and also it's not ...
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