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Where exactly is Shiva Gita found?

I don't know which version or edition of Padma Purana has this composition of Shiva Gita. It also looks like none of the acharyas before 15th century have written any commentary on this text. The ...
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Is Shiva gita same as Ishvara Gita?

No those texts are not the same. Shiva Gita is from the Padma Purana whereas the Ishwara Gita is found in the Kurma Purana. Here is Shiva Gita: The Siva-Gita is a text of Vedantic Saivism that ...
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Where exactly is Shiva Gita found?

Even though the Shiva Gita is not to be found in the various extant editions of the Padma Purana, this chapter of the Narada Puranam summarizes the content of the Padma Puranam and says the Shiva Gita ...
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