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There is no scripture that explains the fact that a baby's head has been joined to create a god called Hanesha. This movie, called the "Director's Special", according to different websites and the about of the move, it is a comedy - drama. So the intent of the director was to try and make a joke. So we probably should not over analyze this.


I agree with @TheLittleNaruto that it is a fake story because that video is some movie movies are not real all the time. This movie is not very true, considering nothing in the scene that is here is true. Everything about this movie, even a search on the IMDB will tell you that this movie is a comedy, making the movie not true.


The soul is very pure according to this. One reason is that the soul has no birth or death. It also has no past, present, and future. Even when you die, the soul doesn't go away.


I suggest you to read more about the concept of Trimurti in Hinduism. The puranas tried to convey the esoteric truths of the Veda in a popular manner. In the process Puranas elevated some Vedic gods by endowing them with virtues, which they loved to see; while at the same time they relegated some other Vedic gods to secondary status. For instance, ...


Based on what Brahmaji said in Rudra Samhita of the Shiva Purana itself which claims to be the greatest of all Puranas :- Vishnu is stated as only a demi-god on the same level as Rudra. While Shiva is free from all Gunas. And Vishnu is not only on the same level as Rudra, he is called Tamasic. Also Laxmi is called Tamasic. Vishnu, Rudra and I (Brahma) ...


Actually Lord Shiva always chants Rama nama always. In many puranas he said Rama nama is the supreme mantra that surpasses every thing else billions of times. Shiva's god is Rama himself. He always worships Rama. There is a Rama vs Shiva war described in Padma Purana where Shiva is begging for mercy at Rama's feet and saying he is only a portion/demi-god ...

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