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Where Lord Shiva used to reside during the time when the Himalaya did not exist?

The Kailasa mountain in the material world is only a reflection of the eternal Kailasa where Lord Shiva resides with Parvati, and Their associates. The Bhaktas of Lord Shiva who constantly meditate on ...
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Who is the Purusha?

ह्रीश्च ते लक्ष्मीश्च पत्न्यौ, अहोरात्रे पार्श्वे नक्षत्रणि रूपं । अश्विनौ व्यात्तम्, इष्तं मनिषाण अमुं मनिषाण​ सर्वं मनिषाण ॥ Hri and Lakshmi are your wives, and your form is in the constellation on ...
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Is there any Vedic verse that explicitly says Brahma and Shiva did not exist before creation?

There is no such thing as saguNa Brahman and nirguNa brahman. The same brahman is both saguNa (meaning having all the auspicious qualities - satyaM j~nAnamanantam brahmA) and nirguNa (meaning devoid ...
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