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Can wife disobey husband's illegal/adharmic orders?

Manusmriti 9.46 न निष्क्रयविसर्गाभ्यां भर्तुर्भार्या विमुच्यते । एवं धर्मं विजानीमः प्राक् प्रजापतिनिर्मितम् ॥ ४६ ॥ Either by sale or by repudiation the wife is not released from her husband; such is ...
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Unholy literature and media, what our scripture says

References of films obviously can not be found in scriptures. But I believe the closest one get to this topic is Manu 11.65 which talks about reading "bad books" (asat shastra) अनाहिताग्निता...
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