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Is there anything like spiritual impurity in Hinduism?

Spiritual impurity like not worshipping God, not being nice to other people, always being angry and etc. If that is what you are referring to as "spiritual impurity" then yes there is such ...
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Are there any specific Mantras mentioned in scriptures that reduce sexual lust?

Sexual Lust is one of the forms of Kāma (or desires). And Kāma is very difficult to control. However, as per an excerpt from the Devī Bhāgavatapurāṇa, we may deduce that recital of the monosyllabled ...
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Is there anything like spiritual impurity in Hinduism?

Considering spirituality to be the continuous flow of consciousness [BG-8.3], The Brahman is the highest indestructible, adhyātma is explained to be the continuous flow of consciousness... Yes, ...
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How grave a crime is it to do ritual without perfect purification and observance?

Here are few examples from the Atharva Veda: What happens if improper chanting of mantra अस्त्रा नीलशिखण्डेन सहस्राक्षेण वाजिना । रुद्रेणार्धकघातिना तेन मा सम् अरामहि ॥11.2.7 Oh Rudra (रुद्र), with ...
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