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What scripture says devotees of other gods eventually become devotees of Vishnu in future births?

As an answer is already given let me choose another path from different point of view.: In different chakras it goes differently.: Anugraha (liberation).: Bhagawan Sada-Shiva/Ishana. Tirobhāva (...
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Did Ramunaja allow lower-Caste Sri Vaishnavas inside temples

Sri Ramanujacarya, an incarnation of Sri Sheshnag as per Garg Samhita, treated people of all castes equally. He gave initiation to and become the guru of students irrespective of their caste. For ...
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Where can I find copies of Bodhayana Vritti and Bodhayana Vritti by Kuresha?

There is no known manuscript of the Bodhayana Vritti. There is no known manuscript of the memorized version of the Bodhayana Vritti It is unclear if Ramanujacharya / Kuresha actually saw the entire ...
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