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Explain Guru Parampara of Ramanandacharya

Guru Parampara Sri Sampraday (Ramanand Sampraday) starts from Sri SitaRam. This is one of the most oldest lineage in Sanātan Dharm whose mentions are found in Vedas, which is continuing till today &...
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What is the Ekayana sect criticized by Pillai Lokacharya's father?

Namaskaram, In my view it is a misconception to percieve Ekayana as Shakha of Yajur Veda. If that would really be the case, than issue with refutine of its doctrine by Vedic orthodoxy would never ...
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While eating among devotees

Responding per my understanding. In general, it is preferred that we wait for the elders to complete the meal and get up after they do. It is just good manners and makes the elders feel good. If ...

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