In ShAkta tradition, Shri vidyA is a distinguished path which is related to understanding the shiva-shakti tattvas by special worship. The upasana is dedicated to Sri lalita (Lalita tripurasundari). Considered as one of the highest paths in shaktism.

As per the shaktism, the creation originates in bliss and ends in bliss. The "brahma yoni" 'brahma janani" etc is nothing but the aikya or sAmarasya or union of paramashiva & paramAshakti and this supreme blissful effulgence is only known as kalA, lalitA or ShRI: SHE is the experience and essence of the mahA ShoDashI mantra. "Knowing" by experiencing HER in stages of paramAnanda, parAnanda and aparAnanda states of bliss in accordance with the laid down order is known as shRIVidyA . This is a very distinguished path which has its emphasis on the realisation of the shiva shakti svarUpa and becoming bliss incarnate. This is precisely why, shrIvidyA is different than most other paths or modes of worship which merely are content with jIva-brahma aikya and do not venture to go further.