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The story of the sage Rishyasringa

This is how the story goes... It has been paraphrased by me, I have provided the references at the end and you can check those for more detailed reading. Once upon a time, the sage Vibhāṇḍaka (son of ...
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Who is Shree Muneshwara Swamy? What is his story?

Muneshvara is a well-known folk deity worshipped in Tamil Nadu. Actually, his name was based on the name "Munishvara". As per a folklore, he was created by Lord Shiva for save people when ...
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What are the different texts to learn about Lord Rama?

Shaiva Ramayan by Lord Mahadev himself (Male version of Adbhut Ramayan - Ram Gita) Satyopkhyan by Mahrishi Valmiki If These 2 versions of Ramayan are still present, do check it out :)
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The story of Prithu chasing Prithvi

The story of Prithu chasing Prithvi comes in the Bhagavata Purana's 4th Skandha (book.) But first, you need to know who Prithu was. Prithu was obviously the Amsha of Vishnu: This (Pṛthu) is a ...
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What is a real story of god Kaal Bhairav?

The Summary of the story is that after the competition between Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu while finding the head and feet of Bhagwan Shiva Lord Brahma cheated and lied which angle Bhagwan Shiva and ...
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