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What scriptures describe Shiva whispering Rama's name to those who die in Kashi?

रामनाम्ना शिव काश्यां भुत्वा पूत शिव स्वयम्। स निस्तारयते जीवराशीन् काशीश्वर सदा।। Shiv samhita 2.18 Shiv himself gives Tarak mantra “ram” to those jivas who didn’t get moksh in Kashi. अहं भवन् ना...
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Can women be priestesses?

Women are allowed to perform rites of worship according to the Śāktāgama. Can't say with surety about the same in case of Vaiṣṇavāgama & Śaivāgama. Vide 6th paṭala of Guptasādhanatantra as quoted ...
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