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Simple definition of karma according to Hinduism

Avashyam eva bhoktavyam krutakarma shubha ashubam | Naa bhuktam kshiyate karma kalpa-koti-shaitairapi || A person will definitely enjoy the fruits of his action; it may be good or bad; for without ...
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Do any Hindu scriptures say that Hinduism is not a religion but simply a way of life?

No But yes it is I meant to say that Hinduism is without ram Krishna and buddha and without kalki and finally no hayagreeva fight with matsya
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Why does ISKCON translate bhagavan as 'Supreme Personality of Godhead' and others as demigod?

To understand why Krishna is the supreme personality of Godhead, one has to understand that God is not limited to just one personality. God, comes in various forms. Lord Śiva is a god. Lord Viṣṇu is a ...
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