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Do scriptures comment on materials used for bathing

For the purpose of cleansing the body, the recommended ingredients are water and earth (mud or soil). So, for bathing, only water is recommended. Manu Smriti 5.134. In order to cleanse (the organs) ...
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How to reconcile mention of word Taittiriya in Ramayana?

This one was really difficult. Most of the traditional commentators have said that this verse refers to those studying Taittiriya Shakha. But Kataka's commentary mentions that Kausalya had an ...
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Question about Dwapara Yuga and Treta Yuga

The Lord incarnates as Shri Krishna in the Dwapara-Yuga. The same lord incarnates as Shri Rama in the Treta-Yuga. It's the same lord who incarnates in his various innumerable incarnations (avatãras) ...
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Is it vedanta that reconciled all the religions(ways) in Bharat during dwapara and thretha yuga?

Who says that the branches got reconciled and people lived without any discrepancies between branches? Actually they never got reconciled and Hindu people have always lived with discrepancies between ...
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