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Did Lord Shiva first teach Tripura rahasya to Lord Vishnu or his avatar Dattatreya?

Tripura ( Three cities) + Rahasya ( Secret or Mystery) or the trinity. The three cities or states of consciousness are waking (Jagrut), dreaming (Svapna) and deep sleep (Shushupti). The underlying ...
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Original sanskrit e-book of 'Tripura Rahasya'

Tripura Rahasya (Sanskrit) Mahatmya Kanda can be found here and Jnana Kanda can be found here.
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Original sanskrit e-book of 'Tripura Rahasya'

According to the introduction of the book Tripura Rahasya, the book has three kandas: The Maahaatmya Khanda (6,687), Jnaana Khanda (2,163) and Charyaa Khanda (3150?). The work was thus written by ...
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